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How to Get Back at Your Ex Girlfriend - What Guys Who Want Revenge Must Know

How to get back at your ex girlfriend... what to do... what to do...

Have you found yourself thinking down these lines?


There are a million revenge plots I could tell you. Most guys these days settle for distributing explicit pictures of their girlfriends.

But is this something that you really want to do? Listen, I study human psychology a lot, and I truly believe that at the root of every ex girlfriend revenge plot out there, there's a guy who really just loves his girlfriend and wants to get her back.

Instead, you turn to anger and revenge. It may be momentarily satisfying, but in the end, it will just make you feel bad. No matter what she's done to you, and no matter how she misled you or lead you on -- don't do something that you'll regret later!

I get e-mails from guys regularly who want to know ways to make their ex girlfriend feel what they're feeling. But you know what I've done for all of them instead? I've helped them regain their lost love and relationship, and they've thanked me for it in the end.

They thanked me because it feels infinitely better to bring yourself and a special someone UP rather than trying to break someone else down. If misery loves company, I'd say that's one party you should avoid. Let's go for bliss, shall we?

At the root of this ex girlfriend revenge mindset is an inner belief that your relationship is broken beyond repair. We tend to try and fulfill prophecies laid out before us in our mind. Let's not get into all of that right now, but you can have anything you want when it comes to love -- so just go for it. And I'm not saying this as some corny B.S. I mean it.

You know how I know you can get your ex girlfriend back, and don't need to know how to get back at your ex girlfriend? Because you had something once. The way she looked at you. The way she made you feel like a man. It was all there once. So is it really that crazy to think that you could have it all back? Possibly...?

You can have your ex girlfriend back, and revenge plots will definitely make things harder and possibly make you seem like a psycho.

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- Paul Prince,

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