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How to Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend - What to Do When You're Having Trouble Moving On

How to get over your ex girlfriend is something that many of you need to know. Yes, I often give advice on how to get your ex girlfriend back, but some people just need to know when to move on!

If your obsession with your ex girlfriend feels unhealthy, then chances are high that it probably is. Listen to your body's signals.

I'm going to let you in on a few things you can do to get over your ex girlfriend. Some of them will be easy, and some of them will be a little more difficult...

Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend Through an Understanding of the Situation:

Remember, you were once and still are a desirable man that woman are interested in. You already proved this. Whether your ex girlfriend wants to be together now or not doesn't matter. What matters is that she wanted to be with you at one point in time. You've already proven that you are attractive to quality women!

Realize, that your ex girlfriend is not the only fish in the sea. Yes, I know, it is cliché as all hell... but it's the truth. Do you think that your ex girlfriend is the best looking girl you've ever seen? Do you think that she's the smartest woman that could possibly exist, or the most fun to be with? Can you envision another woman, real or fantasy, that might be a better match for you and can make you happier than your ex girlfriend ever could?

I know that this may sound like I don't "get" your situation, but believe me -- I do. I know that you probably love your ex girlfriend and care about her very deeply, so the above facts may not matter to you. You may not care if there are more beautiful, fun, intelligent women out there who would treat you better, because you genuinely care about your girlfriend.

But you MUST become a man with options! It's for your own sake. Even if your goal is to be with one woman who you love, the quickest way to accomplish this is through becoming the type of man who realizes that he has options.

When you fully accept the fact that you are a worthy man and that there are many quality women out there, you start to exude a certain confidence that is alluring to all women, even those that you love. In essence, thinking about your situation in this way makes you more attractive to women, even the woman you care for.

And the best part is, when you think this way, you'll be happy with or without her! You need to get to the point where you can be happy whether you're single or in a relationship with a woman that you love. Then, how can you lose?

Get Rid of Unhealthy Mindsets to Get Over Your Ex:

It is vital that you get rid of any unhealthy notions that you have immediately. Somewhere inside you, do you believe that your ex is the best that you're going to get, and that you need her? You need to shake that mindset immediately, if you have it.

Your girlfriend will only be driven further and further away from you if you make it obvious that you need her. And it will only drive you further and further into torment.

Allow Yourself to Fantasize About Other Women:

Start fantasizing about other women immediately. Don't just think about your ex all day. Instead, force yourself to think about being with hotter, more amazing women, sexually and otherwise. Do this every day. Get excited about it. Even if it's not really happening yet (you're eventually going to want to begin to date again if you really want to get over your ex) you have to let your mind wander.

The more you think about your ex, the more you will think about your ex. It's a self-fueling cycle that gets vicious really fast. You need to break that chain of thought and start thinking about other women... even if you have to "force" yourself at first.

Minimize Contact With Your Ex Girlfriend!

This step is crucial. So many men mess up by constantly attempting to contact, make up with, and basically harass their ex girlfriend. This is neither good for your chances with getting back with her, or for your mental well being. Your emotions at this junction are too powerful to hide. If you are feeling desperate, this WILL come across when you speak with her, and it's something that you've got to stop immediately.

The only way to do that reliably is to create physical distance with your ex girlfriend. If she's in your social circle because you have common friends or you work together, then you still want to lessen contact, but you don't want to make it seem as if you are purposely avoiding her.

Start to Date Other Women, and Invest in Your Education:

To really get over your ex girlfriend, you MUST begin to date other women. However, I find that it can be very difficult for men to "get back in the game" after a relationship, especially a lengthy one. To that end, I highly recommend that you check out the following resources to help you become the man you once were and gain the ability to start dating hot women:

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- Paul Prince,

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