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How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Miss You

It seems to me that most guys who ask me how to get their ex girlfriend back don't really "get it."

The key isn't really to "win her back" as if she were some prize. The simplest way to get her back is to make her want you back. To do that, you're going to have to learn how to make your ex girlfriend miss you.

She's going to have to regret your relationship being over.

So, how do you go about getting your ex girlfriend to miss you? Well, there's a little trick I'm going to share with you, but first I want to make something clear.

If your girlfriend does not currently miss your relationship, it is because she has lost attraction for you.

I know that is a hard pill to swallow, but it really does need to be said. Think about the beginning of your relationship. Your girlfriend was probably all about you, and was always missing you when you weren't around. This made you feel really good -- and, in turn, you were given a confidence boost that allowed you to feel like the man when it came to your girlfriend.

Want that feeling back? Want your girlfriend to miss being with you, and treat you like she did in the beginning?

Then you're going to have to work on rebuilding her attraction for you ASAP.

I hate to say this, but it would be unfair to you if I didn't -- the pressure is on.

Women are fickle creatures. The longer your girlfriend is unattached from you, the more unattached she becomes, and the harder it will be to get her back.

But enough of that -- let's talk about how to make your ex girlfriend miss you.

To miss someone, it stands to reason that you will have to be unavailable to them. This may seem obvious, but it can be hard to think clearly when you're upset. Perhaps you need a reminder.

You see, too many guys get desperate after a break up with a woman that they really liked. This is a natural reaction, but one that you must avoid if you want her to miss you.

Pursuing her too desperately will cause the opposite effect of her missing you. Instead, she'll be feeling anxious to create even more distance from you. You've got to pull yourself together.

Because it can be hard to clear your mind and focus on your own after a break up, I am going to prescribe a 3 step "regimen" for you to create some healthy distance and get your relationship back on track:

1) Do not initiate contact with your girlfriend for a while. She'll never miss you if you're calling her ten times a day begging for her to see you. Make her wonder about you, and what you're doing (trust me, she will). When she contacts you, you will be the one in the position of power. You may be tempted to revert to telling her you want to be back together. Resist. Be short with her, act busy, and tell her things are looking up and life is going great.

Positivity is attractive, and if your life seems to be going well, she will want to be around you again.

2) Force yourself to get out there and have fun. Try and date other women. Fantasize about them. Imagine all of the fun you could be having with other girls right now, if you could only get out of the current slump you're in.

3) Get a plan of action, and stick to it. Like I already said, when you're an emotional wreck it can be hard to get a handle on things.

I have a full plan of action for you to follow. It's sort of a "blue print" for making your ex miss you and getting her to come crawling back by using psychological techniques.

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- Paul Prince,

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P.S. Making your girlfriend miss you and come back to you is just the beginning. Once you learn how to reattract your girlfriend and keep her attracted to you, she will treat you like a KING. And then she is yours as long as you want her.

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