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Why Did My Girlfriend Break Up With Me?

Why did my girlfriend break up with me?

This is a question that many guys don't really know the answer to. This may seem strange at first, because shouldn't it be obvious? Doesn't your girlfriend tell you why she broke up with you?

Well, no. She usually doesn't.

The Truth of the Matter:

The truth is that the reason that your girlfriend will tell you for breaking up with you is either a straight up lie, or a useless, cryptic message like "I just need to be by myself right now" or "I just don't think we're right for each other anymore."

Sometimes, this is because your girlfriend is outright trying to spare your feelings. Other times, it goes deeper than that. Sometimes your girlfriend may not even understand herself what her true reasons for wanting to break up are.

Here's a simple fact:

A woman will NOT break up with a guy who she is attracted to, in love with, or obsessed with.

Want proof? Look at the hundreds of bad or abusive relationships where a woman stays with a guy because she "loves him."

Logical reasons alone are not enough to overpower an intense emotional connection!

They never have been, and they never will be!

So, why did your girlfriend break up with you then?

If you want to be together with your girlfriend but she dumped you or wanted to break up...

Then the only logical conclusion is that she has lost attraction for you. It's what women often refer to as "that spark" or "chemistry."

But how can you lose attraction for someone, right?

Well... attraction works a little bit differently in women than it does in men.

Men tend to be attracted to a woman based on her overall personality and looks.

But women "live in the moment." They are attracted to you or not at any given moment based on the character that they perceive you as.

Basically, because of the way attraction works in a woman, that same girlfriend who treated you with loads of respect and thought you were the best guy she had ever met in the beginning...

Can come to be a bit repulsed at the idea of being with you somewhere down the line.

And thus, the break up.

But there's an advantage we can play on here.

You see, women's emotions are like a ticking time bomb. Their attraction for you can and will fade over time if you don't know how to keep it alive. Sex will become less frequent, she won't laugh at your jokes in the same way, and she won't make you feel like the man you once did with her. That's the bad news.

But the good news is that this same volatility means that by using a few psychological tricks, your girlfriend can feel just like she once did all over again!

All you have to do is accept the answer to the question "why did my girlfriend break up with me." Once you realize the truth... that she lost ATTRACTION for you, then you can begin to get her back.

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- Paul Prince,

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